How to Transform Your Outdated Coffee Desk into a Sophisticated Ottoman

There are actually 3 huge main reasons I chose to turn my coffee desk to a footrest … and also carry out the venture on my own.

Just how to Turn Your Old Coffee Table right into a Stylish Ottoman

.1. Adding contacts of cloth heats up a room– think about curtains vs. arid home windows or even a scatter rug vs. empty flooring– so repurposing a lumber table in to a footrest simply made everything appeal cozier without being actually mind-boggling.

2. A basic cushioning project like this one is way less complicated than it looks. Through performing it on my own, I spared loan and absolutely personalized it to accommodate my design.

Like several parents of children, I’ve been fighting against pointy edges. This was an efficient method to deal with some of the worst interrupt our space and also protect against future head damage.

This coffee dining table conversion was actually something I ‘d been wishing to do for at least a year, but I was really a little bit daunted due to the process of changing a sizable part of household furniture. If I had understood just how foolproof this strategy is, I would possess done it far back.

So below I am telling you– you can possibly do it!

Today, I know there are actually fancier methods of dealing with this, through adding tufting and also such, yet I’ve definitely obtained my hands total along with a little one as well as newborn in today times. I recognized that if I decided on a complicated design, it would never ever receive carried out. Simple is essential!


Action 1: Figure out your froth needs to have

Step your table and discover a piece of foam with the right dimensions to suit. I encourage using froth at the very least 4 ins strong. This will definitely give you a wonderful comfy look without acquiring too expensive. My 24″ x72″ part of foam was actually around the $30 variety from Amazon.

You might not locate a piece that matches ideal, as well as some cutting will be actually essential within this instance. I found it beneficial to picture my reduces first through making a newspaper layout. Actually, I take the time to pull traits out abstractly prior to starting very most projects. It is actually a good habit to enter thus I don’t start hacking away at my materials and wind up squandering amount of money via experimentation.

My table is 38″ x38,” as well as I wanted the froth to hang over each end by 1/2.” Right here’s an examine my representation

.When the froth got here, I simply complied with the design and also made use of a ruler and marker to show where the cuts should be.

Action 2: Cut the froth

It appears a great deal of YouTube people advocate making use of power carving blades for this part. I do not own one and really did not feel like obtaining one, therefore I simply made use of a power knife with a brand new blade. I was actually anticipating this measure to become far more complicated, yet with a sharp cutter it cuts by means of like butter


Action 3: Glue all of it together

I very recommend 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive for this component. It operates properly on several areas and also created the foam pieces actually secure. After my foam was removed, I glued it together piece by item like a gigantic problem.

When the froth was glued right into the measurements I needed (39″ x39″ for those of you following along), I safeguarded the whole point to the best of the table.

foam table top.

Step 4: Adjust the height of the table

You might take pleasure in the included elevation of your brand-new ottoman, yet this was actually merely also tall for me, so I chose to lessen the legs along with a hack saw. The good news is, my dining table lower legs possessed a definitely evident spot to make my reduces

.If you wind up reducing your legs, secure your floorings by including experienced furniture pads to each brand-new foot.

Tip 5: Figure out your material requires

The brand new measurements of my ottoman best are 39″ x39,” the foam adds an additional 4 ins of level on each edge, as well as I wished a minimum of 2 inches of excess cloth on each edge to tuck under the desk top. That is actually 39 +4 +4 +2 +2. That suggested that my textile required to become at least 51″ x51″. Upholstery material is commonly 1 & 1/2 yards vast, or 54 ins. Perfect!

I earned this beautiful embroidered part

Because of the texture and also the ruby style, my ottoman style looks stealthily ornate. No complex tufting required.

Step 6: Attach your material

After focusing the fabric over the leading of the footrest, I started getting it by placing just one staple in each edge. Extent the center of each material side down under the desk top and staple. This holds everything in location while you work your method around, drawing the material down tightly as well as including staples every couple of inches.

Leave behind 6 inches to either side of the edges. You’ll focus on those besides 4 edges are actually carried out.

Action 7: Make the corners fairly

There are actually multiple means to upholster edges, however this is among one of the most popular and uncomplicated techniques. Again, simple is crucial! Only pull the tight spot tight, staple, and overlap both loosened airfoils of material. Include as many staples as you need to secure it beneath the table best


Tip 8: The complements!

Yay! You’ve created it this far, and also your ottoman is actually beginning to take shape!

From here you can easily cut off the excess material and just appreciate your completed venture as-is, or even you can take it an action even further by incorporating upholstery adds like I carried out

.I bought three containers of 24 tacks each as well as worked out that I will manage to put one around every 1.5 ins. To create the placement really simple as well as even, I created on my own a little bit of cardboard design template 1.5 inches vast and created Sharpie spots to suggest where each plan needs to go

.Once I possessed little dots right around, I took a regular hammer and also delicately tapped all my tacks in to area

.I just like to think that if my old coffee table can talk, it would certainly thank me for the makeover and also inform me the amount of even more amazing lifestyle is as a stylish ottoman.

And also I would thank it for its years of service, permitting little ones find out just how to take on their own up and travel all around, making it possible for children to drive toy cars around its surface, and also delivering a comfortable place for adults to relax exhausted feet.

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